Kitchen Splashbacks

Bespoke Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Our bespoke kitchen splashbacks are created using high, quality toughened glass. This toughened glass is heat resistant up to 400ºC and impact-resistant, making it a practical and safe choice for kitchen splashbacks. Additionally, its non-porous surface with minimal join line makes it an easy to clean, hygienic option, ensuring it’s safe for your family.

Unique Innovative Designs

At CreoGlass, we pride ourselves on our creative, innovative designs and due to this fact, our glass kitchen splashbacks are often the finishing touch to a beautifully designed kitchen. Our kitchen splashbacks range from subtle to bold designs, so you have the choice to use your splashback as a striking focal point to your kitchen, or a low-key, understated addition that will fit discreetly into your kitchen.

Find a Design You Love

Below, is a collection of some of our favourite kitchen splashbacks from our wide range of designs, installed in gorgeous kitchens to complement their seamless designs.

Each collection has been carefully designed and developed from our CreoGlass workshop – you can book an appointment to visit our worktop and showroom to see our skilled team working on the panels along with viewing our wide range of kitchen glass splashback designs!